Porcini Pesto Para Ti

So, I lied! I promised from my last post that I would include a tried and true recipe for porcini pesto marinated lamb skewers. It wasn’t my intention to lie to you, tempt you with a delicious recipe idea and then cruelly refuse to provide you with the key to its preparation. You see, when I returned my attention the next day to the prized porcini, it was too late. Infested with tiny little white worms, eating the delicate flesh I had to dispose of it quickly rather than pulverizing it into a wormy mushroom paste. While likely higher in protein, I don’t think I’d want to sample that, so sorry.To make amends howeever, here is what I think I “would” do to make a porcini pesto, or any other prized mushroom pesto.

Porcini Mushroom Pesto- Photo credit to Preston Sowell

Lemon Zest
Pine Nuts, Almonds, Pecans, or other nut
Dried Porcini Mushroom Dust
Olive Oil

I would puree the above ingredients together in a food processor or pulverize with a mortar and pestle.

You can use garlic, but I chose shallots as they are more delicate in flavor and garlic might be too competitive for the porcini flavor to shine. If using portabellos, I’d say…….go for the garlic gusto!

Ideally, I’d marinate the lamb/beef/pork tenderloin in some olive oil, rosemary and red wine for a day, then coat it with the pesto and let it macerate another day. Grill the kebabs to order.Brush with more pesto before serving.  Accompany with a lovely tomato/feta/cucumber salad with fresh dill, Perhaps some lemon soaked roasted potatoes.

Let me know when you decide to make this, I’ll come right over.

2 responses to “Porcini Pesto Para Ti

  1. Oh, none of this “I’d” talk. So unlike the STK master. I will hook you up with plenty of the summer’s dried porcinis, YOU will supervise the preparation, and then we’ll know exactly how this should taste. Deal?

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