Turkey Noodle: Save your christmas carcass for some mean turkey noodle

I’ve had many a sick friend dial me up in the hopes of obtaining a container of my chicken noodle. To me turkey noodle is just as good, if not better. Not one to keep secrets, I’ll divulge  my recipe to you for your post christmas meal. Make this, store extras in your freezer and you too can dole out portions to the sick and weary in your circle this winter. 

1 pot turkey/chicken stock (see prior recipe
Turkey or Chicken Meat cooked (picked from carcass)
Peeled Carrots- cut into chunks
Peeled Onions-cut into chunks
Celery-cut into chunks
Parsnips-cut into chunks
Fresh Dill-de-stemmed
Red B Potatoes-cut into quarters
Salt- some
Noodles- Pre-cooked and added after so noodles don’t get mushy, unless you like them that way. 
Substitutes: Rice, Gluten-Free Noodles, Quinoa

Ok, so there aren’t exact amounts, this is improvisational cooking. Use what you have, use what you like. If you’re like my mother, this recipe can be made without even cutting the vegetables and just throwing them in whole. (she doesn’t like to cook and avoids steps she deems “unnecessary”) While it is sort of nice to dig into a boiled onion with a spoon and watch it come off in layers into your bowl, personally I think it’s a nice touch to actually chop the vegetables into large chunks for visual appeal.

Two key ingredients to my soup are FRESH DILL and PARSNIPS. Without either ingredient this soup won’t be as good. Don’t use dry dill, it’s a lame substitute. I usually use an entire bunch or more of fresh dill and equal amount of parsnip to carrot. This gives the soup a nice fresh sweet flavor. Sometimes, I omit the potato, sometimes I don’t. Do what you like, but don’t omit the dill or the parsnip.

Simmer ingredients until even someone with a cold remarks on how good the house smells, or until the veggies are tender. Skim any scum that rises to the surface. Personally, I don’t like to de-fat my soup, fat is flavor. Savor it.

I like to add the noodles into the soup after it’s cooked, this way the soup has a cleaner, less starchy flavor, plus it keeps the noodles intact and not in little bits on the bottom of your pot.





One response to “Turkey Noodle: Save your christmas carcass for some mean turkey noodle

  1. Turkey Stock is Heavenly. Love the improvisational cooking.

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